As Dr. El Tarabishy and ICSB collaborators continued to build momentum strides in regards to MSMEs Day, more organizations joined, including the UN DESA and high-level organizations, for example, Google, FACEBOOK, and Amazon. The Global MSMEs Report has more contributors and Dr. El Tarabishy has begun to push the idea of developing the MSMEs Guiding Principles. These principles will aim to support all people in their right to support MSMES. This very idea was discussed at the UN.  Aside the advancement of MSMEs Day, Dr. El Tarabishy is still able to continuously reach higher and higher in his role as a George Washington University Professor.


Building on the successful of MSMEs Day for 2017, Dr. Tarabishy created the ICSB Global MSMEs Report. This report compiles the most compelling research from major institutions and nation-states and centers around how they might best support MSMEs. The report along with the MSMEs Day makes a powerful combination. Now, we can build on the day with high-impact knowledge.


Finally, on April 6, 2017, the United Nations approved the Republic of Argentina Resolution to create an International Name Day dedicated to Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises. It took Dr. Tarabishy over 9 months of shuttle diplomacy between Washington DC and New York to support the creation of this day. June 27, 2017 was the first-ever MSMEs Day to be celebrated. Over 6 ministers came to the United Nations to recognize the Day, including the SBA Administrator Maria Contreras.

This success reached to uphold the scholarly and practical example that Dr. El Tarabishy seeks to exemplify for his students, mentees, and sons. It was through this success that many observers were able to watch the creation and completion of an incredible journey for Dr. El Tarabishy and, more so, for MSMEs all around the world.