Women Entrepreneurs-Global Impact

Adjusting our metrics and measurements of success towards sustainability and humane investment, centering women, specifically through the expansion of womenentrepreneurs and women-led MSMEs.

Women Entrepreneurs – WE moving forward

Women have consistently dared to pursue creative and lasting solutions to problems facing their communities, and they have done so with virtually no support or investment from traditional sources. Imagine the impact women in our communities can do with adequate support and resources. We hope that resources like the WE conference can lay the foundation for this radical, sustainable transformation.

Real Essence of Sustainable Growth

Empathy and connection are the foundations of our human experience as they are and will continue to be even more so as the foundations of our entrepreneurial experiences.

Evoking Ecosystems: As Nature Intended

What is an entrepreneurial ecosystem more than the act of removing our institutions and organizations to get them out of the way of the entrepreneurs?

The Stakeholder Share: Entrepreneurship’s Return to Its Roots

The simple act of transforming our previous consideration as shareholders as the most important aspect in a corporation to integrating stakeholders as active contributors can work significantly toward establishing a culture of humane entrepreneurship.

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