War & Entrepreneurship

In days of the war, the future might not seem as if it is being guided towards Humane Entrepreneurship, but take a moment and look around. The world is standing up and fighting to honor humanity. So when companies pivot their creative solutions to aid those suffering in any war, it is the correct way forward.

Future of Automation

As our society moves through Industry 4.0 and acclimates to manufacturing automation, this 4th Industrial Revolution is throwing our world into uncharted waters where cold, uncompromising technology meets the warmth and unpredictability of the human experience.

Education and Humane Entrepreneurship

The amount of power entrepreneurial learners possess to change the future of business and the environment, we owe them the best education, educators, research, and settings. We must listen inclusively to the voices of these learners and new and small businesses alike.

Humane, Sustainable, and Harmonious Entrepreneurship: Shifting to a More Holistic Perspective of Entrepreneurship

The intersectionality in entrepreneurship serves as the key for unlocking solutions to the universal issues facing us. By adopting a more holistic view of entrepreneurship, we conclude that no human issue stands alone.

Humane Entrepreneurship and MSMEs in a Dynamic World

In championing people first, humane entrepreneurship inhabits a unique role in the business world as inherently human-centered. In light of the pandemic, the necessity of humane entrepreneurial practices has become more apparent than ever before.

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